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Overview of LKIS School, COVID-19/Omicron School Guidelines

  • Throughout this document reference is made to “fever” and/ or “COVID-19 symptoms.
  • In accordance with given regulations, a “fever” is a body temperature ≥ 37.3 degrees C.
  • “COVID-19 symptoms,” other than fever, include dry cough, fatigue, and in severe cases, difficulty breathing.
  • Other symptoms may include sneezing, sore throat, body aches, runny nose, diarrhea and/or nausea.

Before Returning to School (and throughout the school year)

  • In order to enter the campus all family members residing in Badaun must have either been present in the town here for the previous three weeks, or completed a minimum period of 14 days formal quarantine in a designated hotel and seven days of home-based quarantine in accordance with government regulations. All adults must also hold a current Vaccination certificates as required by Govt laws; that indicates that they have been vaccinated for COVID-19.
  • At any time when they travel it will require that the individual justify his or her travel history and health status in order to be granted approval to enter the campus.
  • Parents must check their children’s temperatures each day before they leave for school, and if they have a fever they must be kept home from school. In the absence of other COVID-19 symptoms students must remain at home until they are fever free for a minimum period of 48 hours without taking fever reducing medication.
  • A fever that presents together with one or more other COVID-19 symptoms requires that the student then remain at home for a period of 14 days. A medical clearance must be provided in order that the student be permitted to return to school.
  • Parents must immediately inform the school if one of their children shows symptoms of influenza so that other students can be monitored accordingly.
  • Students must be kept at home if any other member of the family shows symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Any confirmed fever (≥ 37.3 degrees) accompanied by other COVID-19 symptoms that is identified at school will result in the student being sent home for a period of 14 days. By State regulation, the school will report all such observations to the relevant authorities. A medical clearance must be provided in order that the student be permitted to return to school. When in doubt parents are therefore strongly advised to keep unwell children at home so as to avoid this possibility.
  • Community members must wear protective masks, including when travelling to and from school using school buses.
  • Community members must follow all general health and hygiene guidelines stipulated by the school, including social distancing and frequent hand washing and sanitizing.
  • Parents must advise the school if any member of their family travels to any location marked as containment zone or any member is not well as per Covid 19 guidelines.

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